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Pliny says that Timaeus (born about 350 BC) believed Pytheas' story of the discovery of amber . [2] Strabo says that Dicaearchus (died about 285 BC) did not trust the stories of Pytheas. [3] That is all the information that survives concerning the date of Pytheas' voyage. Presuming that Timaeus would not have written until after he was 20 years old in about 330 BC and Dicaearchus would have needed time to write his most mature work, after 300 BC, there is no reason not to accept Henry Fanshawe Tozer 's window of 330–300 BC for the voyage. [4] [ original research? ] Some would give Timaeus an extra 5 years, bringing the voyage down to 325 BC at earliest. There is no further evidence.

Kangaroo Notebook is a difficult novel to understand, but you’ll love it anyway. The plot is bizzare, to say the least. A man discovers that he has radish sprouts growing from his shins. His condition baffles the doctor at a local dermatology clinic, who sends him away in a self propelled hospital bed, telling him to try hot spring treatment. While en-route to the hot springs, he is cast down a dark tunnel and ends up on the shores of hell. From there, the plot gets really weird (but very addicting) as the narrator meets a child-demons, a vampire-esque nurse intent on drawing enough blood to win the "Dracula’s Daughter" award, and an American photographer interested in achieving population contrl through traffic accidents.

These songs are delivered with murderous attitude through a PA system cranked deep into the distortion zone, and I’m digging it big-time. Tomorrow we’re flying out of Mali, but for now the night’s running hot. The club promoter, figuring we were passing through from the Festival au Desert, has asked me in the French lingua franca if we’re a band.