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Leigh was born in Chorley , Lancashire , England. His father was a coal miner and pugilist, his mother a millworker. He attended St Mary's Primary and St Augustine's Secondary schools. [6] During his youth in the 1960s he embraced the lifestyle of a mod and a hippy . [7] He experimented with tape recorders and synthesisers while on a scholarship at the Royal College of Art in London. [8]

Foxx's solo debut after leaving Ultravox!, Metamatic, achieves the same emotional transcendence as his previous group's early highlight, Systems of Romance, despite a new reliance not just on synthesizers, but on a musical framework dependent on them. On Metamatic, Foxx cultivates a curious air of disinterest that never seems truly bored, but is much more extreme than even his unarguably distant vocal style for Ultravox!. It holds up as one of the peaks of the early-'80s fascination with emotionless, Kraftwerk-inspired synth pop.

Metamatic - Music EverywhereMetamatic - Music EverywhereMetamatic - Music EverywhereMetamatic - Music Everywhere