time is money

Gun outfit - possession sound

Gun Outfit's seven-year lifespan has embraced what it means to function underground and sincerely . today, starting as a "crude folk duo" to play house shows and taking a decided disinterest in self-promotion. (The band has virtually no web presence save for a barebones Tumblr.) So while there's little telling what exactly they've been up to since 2010's  Possession Sound , vocalist/guitarist Dylan Sharp-- who shares songwriting, vocal and lead guitar duties with Carrie Keith-- has at least  penned several philosophical treatises on topics like working at a weed farm , "the time/money equation,"  and performing music . "If 'the realm of freedom is established progressively by the development of human powers as an end in itself' and I am freedom rocker, then I have no choice but to develop my limited powers for their own sake and not worry so much about the future and past," Sharp wrote in a blog post, quoting Marx. "There’s always an abandon and immediacy in music which destroys time (much like drugs) which is why I keep coming back to both."

Gun Outfit - Possession SoundGun Outfit - Possession SoundGun Outfit - Possession SoundGun Outfit - Possession Sound