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The sunken - wooden cake

I’ve made these for baby (girl) showers, wedding teas, and teen get-togethers. The pink obviously doesn’t bother the guys, as I once had a boy mom email for the recipe (per her son’s request).

However there are some, such as sponge cakes, where it absolutely does matter, especially if you were planning on serving it to guests. (Though there ways of rescuing a sunken cake and turning it into a show stopper, so if you're reading this because your cake has sunk and you need a way to rescue, it skip down to "How to Rescue a Sunken Cake.")

While it is a hugely popular dessert, it is also one that causes many concerns in the kitchen, as without following a few golden rules and a tried and true recipe, things can easily go wrong.  However, once a recipe is found and the rules adhered to, making a really good pav is actually quite a doddle.

The Sunken - Wooden CakeThe Sunken - Wooden CakeThe Sunken - Wooden CakeThe Sunken - Wooden Cake