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Beastie boys - black beast

Chiefly known as the guitarist in Blur, Graham also plays saxophone and drums on many Blur tracks. He composed 1997’s “You’re So Great” and sang vocals and composed much of the band’s 1999 hit single “Coffee & TV”.

The band wanted to include their first major-label single " Rock Hard ", which had been out of print since 1985, on this compilation. However, the song was not included because it contained samples from the AC/DC song " Back in Black ", which were used without permission. Their desire to include the song was thwarted when AC/DC refused to grant clearance for the sample to be used. Mike D spoke to AC/DC's Malcolm Young personally on the phone when their lawyers refused to clear the sample, to no avail. [ citation needed ]

Beastie Boys - Black BeastBeastie Boys - Black BeastBeastie Boys - Black BeastBeastie Boys - Black Beast